D’ River Resort

Peace at 600m above sea level, Janda Baik Pahang.

A village atmosphere of a holiday destination that values ​​greeneries. With only 36km from Kuala Lumpur to the location D'River Resort and 35 minutes, keeping you away from the busy city. promises a better holiday reconcile with their friends and families.

The atmosphere is very soothing.
Contact 014-632 2676, 017-372 1195 (Mr. Man) or email for reservations and inquiries tempahan@deriverresort.com.my.


Activity "Team Building" & outdoor activities
  • Rafting (bamboo) across the river
  • Rafting in the pool
  • Jungle Tracking & rivers
  • Walk the night (Moon Sonata)
  • Waterfall travel Tampik Janda Baik
  • Games People (Telematch) & traditional
  • Camp Fire activities

Facilities - the facilities provided are :
  • Dewan Taba
  • Dormitory (120 people)
  • Hall open course
  • Chalet (15 units)
  • Dormitory small (18 people)
Other - other facilities
  • Cafeteria-restaurant in the park
  • Wedding package (Hall 1000)
  • Fishing pond fish
  • BBQ websites
  • a Sports field
  • Tent campsite and unit (200-250 people)
  • PA equipment (PA system)
  • Karaoke
  • Volleyball court
  • Jungle Tracking
Definition of Room
  • Ordinary Day - $ 85 per / chalet
  • Weekends and Public Holidays - RM100 per / chalet
  • A deposit of 50% applies for bookings 

De River Resort terletak is located on higher ground Janda Baik, Bentong,Pahang.


  1. D’ River Resort saya pergi sabtu lepas amat tidak puas hati, indah khabar dari rupa.
    - taik burung banyak di beranda
    - x cukup parking kereta, tuan tanah sebelah marah sbb menghalang dia nk masuk.
    -toilet air bertakung, dan tekanan air slow,
    -air kotor dan air bersih untuk minuman tidak di sediakan.
    - malam suasana mati. tv pun x de.
    kesimpulan sy x nk datang lagi.

  2. d'river terbaik..
    skrg mcm2 function ada..
    good job :)


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