Teratak Tuk Tuk got its name from the Tuk Tuk Hills nearby. Tuk Tuk hill was a way out of the road before the existence of the villagers in Kampung Janda Baik now. Teratak Tuk Tuk Shack uniqueness is that it is next to the main road makes it easy to find. In addition, in the back of the Teratak Tuk Tuk, a stream of the dam was completed, making it very suitable for children bathing. For adults who want a deeper river, this place is also very close to the Teratak Tuk Tuk, which is about 5 minutes by vehicle.

Teratak Tuk Tuk is the best place to chill out to gather and have bonding activities with family, friends and loved ones. We specialized in giving you the place to relax and have a good time, away from the hectic city life you must give it a try and experience it yourself.

  • Bungalow 4 rooms and facilities 1
  • Dormetary 1
  • Chalet 4
  • Hall and Facilities 1
  • Big Tent 1
  • Men Tent as per request
  • Tent site as per request
  • Open toilets for campers 2
  • PA system 1
  • Cooking facilities 1
  • BBQ 3
  • Dam completed streams (suitable for children) In Area 
  • Open spaces for activities in areas 
  • River for a bath (adult/large current) 10 minutes walking distance from the Ping pong table 
  • Paintball games
The Price are terrorism as follows 
  • Bungalow with Hall, Kitchen and facilities ASTRO RM800 
  • (4 rooms and 2 Toilets available) 
  • Dorm (10-15 people) RM350 
  • Chalet (Max 4-5 people) RM 90 4 units available 
  • RM150 Hall 
  • RM100 marquees 
  • Men tent each RM 50 
  • Tent site RM30 
  • Open toilet RM150 
  • PA system RM 350 
  • Cooking facilities RM 150 
  • BBQ facilities RM50 each 3 units available

Many other interesting activities you can do at Teratak Tuk Tuk and around the village of. Contact us for more information.
Address : Lot 5540 & 5906, Janda Baik, 28750, Bentong, Pahang.

Tel          : 09-233 0999
HP          : 0123473017 (Mr. Idris) / 0126253440 (Mr. Idris) / 013 3473017 (Mr. Najib)
Fax         : 09-233 0899
Email     : ajkivn07@yahoo.co.uk 


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