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Welcome to the Time Capsule Retreat | Sungai Lembing 

Eight standard sewer pipes with an inner diameter of 190cm and a length of 3000cm. Green lovers; fed up of hustle and bustle life in the city ? You deserves a getaway ! Time Capsule Retreat, a unique concept hotel in Sungai Lembing | Kuantan | Pahang.

The cylinders are frothing with a cocktail blend of relaxation and excitement. Chill out in your spout, admiring the immediate forest surroundings, Time Capsule Retreat has endless eye-candy to boggle the brain, a funky social scene, and a diversity of entertainment

Activities including ATV, Waterfall, Jungle Trekking, Mining Museum, Mining Tunnels, Crystal Clear River, Hanging Bridge, and lots more can be organized from the comfort of your cask. But if you want to take a 5 minute walk to the center of the town for famous local foods.

All the tubes come with a dressed Queen-size bed, light, plug sockets, air-cons and beautiful view.

*Shampoo and towels are not provided

Time Capsule Retreat brings you unique accommodation, consisting of pipe culverts as a concept in a relaxed atmosphere while you enjoy peaceful natural environment of the forest. All tubes come with a queen-sized bed, a lamp, plug sockets, air-conditioning and panoramic views.

Listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy the beautiful panorama, Appreciate each creation. That's what you want to do and experience during your vacation? Let's look at some of the best locations where holiday-themed natural environment.

Address :
Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia

GPS Location :
3.912269, 103.034780

Contact us :
013 - 963 8888 Miss Tan

Email : timecapsuleretreat@gmail.com

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