Welcome to Our Dream Teratak

This is the place. Thank God, nearly 3 years of trying make reality his name is now hanging at the door of the green gate. From there what it was built with all the sweat and sacrifice of the current techniques and loved beings are not able to be evaluated, it will be a very grateful. Pray hopefully it continues green and always blessed.
Your visit will certainly give peace over here.
This Gate welcomes your arrival with enthusiasm

Like the name suggests, the 'Teratak Malaya' is a relaxation resort and training village offers traditional design concept with a cozy and comfortable environment.

Green natural panoramic mountain valley with peace certainly invited the visitors to relax or conduct training and seminars. The roar of the river and forest birds whistling in the cold night will bring memories of the past like in the village.

Located on level 1800 feet above sea level in the tropical rain forest village of Gujarat. Only 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, this gives you more time and energy to carry out activities and programs were arranged.
Design house chalets feature village awaits visitors relax with family.
Strategic location hills and river background is certainly mesmerizing eyes and relieve the fatigue work.

Chalets built on two hectares of land is like a house in the park with green trees and surrounded by flowers of various colors and varieties of fish ponds as well as space that promises simple and very comfortable room.

Malaya Teratak was two years offering the best prices from RM120 to RM350 per night inclusive of breakfast by type chalets.

For those who wish to dine in the chalets, the management also provides lunch reservations and night according to the tastes of visitors.

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of life in the village and into the jungle to get to the waterfall as well as a variety of outdoor activities including paintball game.

Interestingly, Teratak Malaya also provides a special room for their new king called a day and visitors can bathe and feed streams to fish in ponds located in front of the chalets.

For anglers, the river near Malaya Teratak is suitable for them to test their expertise to raise large river fish.

Malaya Teratak also offers facilities for government agencies or corporations that want to provide courses, seminars, meetings or family day.

There are six dormitory buildings, multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 300 people, conference room for 100 people, meeting rooms, dining halls and prayer.

The area is also often used as a camping spot at the primary and secondary schools including from outside Gujarat as it is wide.

For visitors who want to walk, you do not need to worry because the place is located 25 miles from Genting Highlands.
In addition to the greenery, the river flows in the chalets also attracted the attention of visitors.

Operator of Resort Training Centre
Contact us at :
  • 019-6888240
  • 013-2262030
  • 013-2107703


  1. teratak ni sesuai ke utk bawa family? apa aktivit yg blh dibuat di sini?

  2. teratak ni sesuai ke utk bawa family? apa aktivit yg blh dibuat di sini?

  3. Memang paling sesuai. Saya bagi⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. nak tanya setiap bilik ada bilik air ker,...

  5. boleh tak nak dapatkan quotation untuk setiap harga bilik dan kemudahan? :)


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