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Imagine spending precious time with family and friends in a place so serene, unruffled and untouched by the stresses of everyday life. About the only sounds you hear are those of a gently flowing river. Each morning and as dusk begins, friendly creatures of the wild strike a symphony so magical you might find yourself wishing you could stay here forever.

Saujana is an idea conceived by a family who believes that people who do things together stay together. If you dream of fostering and establishing extraordinary relationships with your loved ones, Saujana is the right place for you. Tucked in a little corner, nestled in a village rich with soothing greenery, Saujana is ideal for you to refresh, rejuvenate and reconnect with family and friends. True to its spirit of Jom Balik Kampung "Let's go back to the village!", Saujana is that unique getaway you have been looking for. Relax and bask in the soothing waters of the Chemperoh River. Let the cooling waters invigorate you. Run around or simply stretch on the green, green grass. You might find that Saujana is all you need to revive your mind, body and soul.

For your convenience, we provide a Guest Manual (English Version, BM Version) that contains all the necessary information you need to enhance your stay at Saujana. Please also take note that Saujana is a No Smoking Area.

Once again, welcome to Saujana and we wish you a pleasant stay!


Payment can be made to MAYBANK
ACC NO: 1626-7408-3506

2012 Promo Discount Rate: Enjoy up to 40% by reserving today! Weekdays are now at RM750 RM450 and weekends at RM850 RM550 per night.


Here is the list of facilities that can be found for in the Guest Houses:
  • 2 x towels
  • 1 x Inside Shower with heater
  • 1 x Inside Toilet
  • 1 x BBQ Hut (please bring your own charcoal, and aluminium foil – you can view pictures of the BBQ Hut in the Gallery section)
  • WiFi
  • ASTRO (no need to bring your own card)
  • 1 x Fridge
  • 1 x Kettle
  • 1 x Microwave
  • 1 x Tree-House (may be used by Meranti Chalet guests if there are no guests in Chemperoh Villa)1 x Outside Toilet-Shower (only at Chemperoh Villa)
You can contact us by:

Phone : Call us at +6011-1221-4123 (Monday to Friday, 10AM – 4PM)

Email  :

Saujana Janda Baik
Lot 6989, Kampung Janda Baik 28760 Bentong Pahang, Malaysia.


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  2. hi...please confirm that is it have any room for booked in 24-25 aug 2011


  3. hi
    please confirm is it have any room on 24 to 25 aug 2012


  4. Salam Puan Jamilah, bagaimana untuk saya berhubung dengan Puan?

  5. salam bagaimana saya nak menghubungi pihak tuan

  6. boleh inform x on 6hb jun - 8 jun available or not


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