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Centella Asiatica Resort, Janda Baik is a family run resort comprising of 14 modern chalets & a tradisional kelantanese 3 bedroom bungalow. Resort is owned by Datin Rohana.

We are located in the beautiful & serene Janda Baik Village surrounded by natural tropical rain forest nestled in the valley of the Banjaran Titiwangsa at an altitude of 800-900 meters above sea level.

We are a garden & resort. This is a place for those who wants to enjoy what Nature has to offer.

There is no TV/Astro in any of the chalets except in common areas.


Lake View Chalet

Our lake view chalet is designed for couples or small family in mind.  You have a choice of 1 queen size bed or 2 single beds, mini fridge, coffee & tea making facilities & ensuite.
Rate : RM 185 per night.
  • NO TV/ Astro in Chalets
  • TV/Astro are located at common area only
  • Meals not included.
River View Chalet

The River View Chalet is ideal for medium size families, who love the idea of being together during family outings or even for small groups of friends.  The Chalet is furnished with a queen size bed and three single beds, mini fridge, air-conditioned & ensuite.
Rate: RM 175 per night.
  • NO TV/ Astro in Chalets
  • TV/Astro are located at common area only
  • Meals not included.
Kelantan Wood Carving Bungalow

The Bungalow comprise of 3 rooms and living hall. The main room has ensuite bathroom and the other 2 rooms shared bathroom.
Rate: RM 2500 per night.
NB: Please book 2 weeks before date of stay
Meals not included.


Function Hall
Time: 3.00 Pm ~ 11.00 Pm
          9:00 Am ~ 11.00 Am

Rm 1000.00 Per Day Use

Available Activities:

Fishing (Own Rod & Bait)

Rm 10.00  Per Person ( Minimum 20 Pax 4 Raft )
Rm 30 Per Rod Per Day (3:00 Pm ~ 12:30 Noon The Following Day)


Cell: + 012-3816 024
Fax: + 03-5637 7585
E-Mail: centellaasiatica@gmail.com


All transactions are in Cash & in Ringgit Malaysia only

Check In Time 3:00 PM
Check Out Time 12:30 Noon

In House Rules & Regulations

STRICTLY NO COOKING in the Chalet or in surrounding area of the Resort.  A fine of RM 100 will be imposed on those caught breaching the Rule.

BBQ is only allowable at designated areas (Rental RM 25 per pit. Own charcoal & utensils)

Strictly NO OUTSIDE CATERING is allowed. i.e food ordered elsewhere and delivered to the Resort Guest.

We are a Garden Resort, therefore we would appreciate our Guest to:
Not Pluck, Pick, Dig or Destroy the Flora or Fauna found in the Garden & Resort area.

Please DO NOT Litter


  1. Hello, I would like to visit the resort tmr. Pls email me the directions. Thank you.
    Debbie 0162736872

  2. Riverside view chalet 6-8feb 2016 :1. Sinki tersumbat: dh complaint-lgsung x dtg .batu sinki tu pon pecah 2.pintu bilik air mcm nk roboh 3.banjir-kami psg kolam hri ahd mlm7 feb.bnjir dri hari 1st lg.cube tgk tmpat masak tu cmne keadaaan dia,adakah sebab air kolam kami smpai berselut tmpat tu?atau pihak centella sendiri yg x de initiatif lgsg letak batu ke simen ke kt situ utk supaya x smpai jd selut???this is not ouf 1st time here.this is 2nd time n no improvement at all.sewa naik.dari 178++jd 200.tp tkde penambahbaikan pon. Sewa tpak dapor kerusi meja 1 mlm 75 rggt 2 hri 150,pe yg kami dpt?dapor dgn tmpat selut tu???? Anyway mmg kami bwa swimming pool pon, pndai bg kompaun rm100. sungai pon x bersih, keindahan di resort tk seindah di gambar dipaparkn.Tmpat tu berselut bnjir .dri awl2 lg kami dh complaint pd pkerja resort, sblm ade kolam tu lg. Dari mlm pertama lagi.lepas komplain lgsg x dtg.tk tunjuk muka.now pkerja puan nk complaint kami gune kolam???pkir dulu.you will see once hujan lebat ye. Berlecak ke x tmpt tu.x pyh pkai kolam pon. X pyh delete post ni ye.

  3. Macam mn yer keadaan River View Chalet? baru bercadang nak pergi bercuti pada ujung tahun ni. Minta Pihak Centella Asiatica beri penjelasan

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