Pulau Santap Venture Chalet

Pulau Santap is a picnic area at the confluence of Sungai Benus and Cheringging rivers at Janda Baik. It's a long stretch of river and natural rainforest surroundings, making it popular with families for day trips or overnight camping. 'Pulau' means island, while 'Santap' is a royal word for eating - In ancient times, a small island rose above the confluence of rivers, where it was used as a leisure spot for meals by Pahang's sultans. Over time, the island was eaten away by erosion and no longer exists today.

Several resorts and chalets have opened up accommodation along this spot, but the main area has a small park with broad section of shallow river to enjoy.

Between types of chalets available.

Rental rates on weekdays RM 100, on Saturday, Sunday and holiday season rates charged RM 120 for a day.

Chalet just for sleeping only.
If you like camping may too.

This type chalet rental rate per night RM 50 only.

Very comfortable environment to enjoy bathing. It's perfect family activity held here. Basic facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, Television available in chalet. 

Vast parking available.
Hopefully your holiday here will leave wonderful memories to share with your friends the other.

Pulau Santap Venture Chalet
Lot 2575 Kampung Pulau Santap
Janda Baik
28750 Bentong
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: +6019-988 9830
/ +6017 923 8720 


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