Al-Sakinah Eco Resort

A place of tranquility for those who stops to smell the roses

About us:

Owned by Dato' Rusma Ibrahim and her loving husband, this power couple built Al Sakinah Eco Resort with love and passion for all of us to share with.
Between the mid Resort is so neat arrangement of landscape
Between the mid Resort is so neat arrangement of landscape.
A Holiday Centre in Janda Baik, Pahang. In earned by Mr. Arifin & Wife (Rusma). Reasonable price is RM160 for a room that can accommodate 6 people. Centres have the bows and the river water dlengkapi open prayer and seminar rooms that can accommodate 36 participants. Fishing activity was revealed in the pool fish and river bathing. Jungle trekking is also available and there are 'horse ranch' five minutes from the center. Ideal for activities Daurah Sunnah. The journey from Kuala Lumpur only takes 30 minutes.

For any enquiry, please contact:

Diana Arifin :  012-9238002

E-mail :
Access to the resort are beautiful and relaxing.
Environment is perfect and the planned construction.

The vast wilderness areas are also available,
suitable for outdoor activities.

Have been satisfied to play on the field and cross country,
the river to bathe. The water was so
very clear, no pollution.

I will have time will come again to this resort.



  1. salam sy zamri dari kementerian pendidikan putrajaya.bleh bg sy sbtharga untuk harga 10buah chalet tq reply to k tq no fon 0172436836-attn zamri

  2. Is it an ideal place for a homestay experience?

  3. Saya mmerlukan challet utk 6 famili pd 7june-9june. 2014(3h/2m). sila contact Pn Yati 012-3098003. Berapa harga utk tarikh trsebut.


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